What is Booqed?
Thanks for asking! At its core, Booqed is an online marketplace for users looking for space to book on-demand or in advance based on their needs. Users will be able to pay and easily confirm the work space instantly. Hosts can list excess space on the marketplace and manage the spaces real-time and automatically via our booking system. Simply put, we just want to make sure you never have to awkwardly hover around a table at a café for that important meeting or to find a quiet personal space to get some work done!
Where can I download and use Booqed?
Currently Booqed is only on iOS. We will be launching an Android app on Google Play in the near future. Don’t worry Android users!
How do I use Booqed?
1. Download the app! 2. Sign up! 3. Look for a space! 4. Check the details! 5. Book! Really, it’s that easy.
As a Host are there any listing or joining fees?
Absolutely not! If you would like to be a Host, signing up and listing your spaces are both free of charge! Booqed is purely transaction-based where we only take a commission based on the transaction amount.
What kind of spaces are available on Booqed?
We like to be as comprehensive as possible given the needs of our users. Currently we classify spaces in these following categories: - Meeting Room - Conference Room - Co-working Space - Multipurpose Space - Hospitality - Classroom - Host desk - Other
How do I pay in Booqed?
Booqed currently accepts all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We also accept Paypal. We will be integrating mobile payment providers in the near future as well so please stay tuned!
How do I get paid in Booqed (as a Host)?
We want our hosts to get paid as much as possible! During the sign up process, you will be asked to provide your banking details so we can verify you as a local host in your respective city and to ensure the payments will be sent to the account.
Can I cancel or change my reservation?
We live in a busy world and understand that appointments change all the time. In order to balance the needs from both our users and our hosts, we try our best to balance both sides as best as possible. You will be allowed to freely cancel and reschedule a booking 3 hours prior to the reservation. If a booking is for an entire day by default, i.e. a hot desk, then the cancellation must be done 3 hours prior to the start of the day (12:00am of the day the reservation is booked).
What do I do if there is a dispute after the reservation?
We fully understand there may be problems that might arise in any booking. Booqed strives to ensure that every dispute case is taken seriously and fairly. We have local team members in each city to handle disputes directly. Both party will have 48 hours after the reservation to issue a dispute claim and we will do our best to resolve the situation as soon as possible. Disputes can be sent to support@getbooqed.com.
How do I get in contact with Booqed?
For all support inquiries related to reservations, transactions, or technical issues, please email us as support@getbooqed.com. For all other questions or if you just want to say hi, please email us at contact@getbooqed.com!